Introducing Pulse for the Web


Two years ago, we released Pulse for iPad to make browsing news on mobile devices faster, simpler and more beautiful than ever before. It wasn’t long until our users let us know that the problem we solved wasn’t confined to mobile devices. Even on the web, people have to bookmark their favorite websites, switch contexts from site to site, and have no simple way to share or save stories. That changes today with the launch of Pulse for the Web.

Beautiful Layout & Typography

Pulse for the web is designed for discovery. The dynamic layout takes full advantage of the size of your browser, making large beautiful images the center of your experience. Your content will always fill your browser without wasting a single pixel. You can also easily switch from a smart dynamic layout to a simple chronological layout. An easy infinite scroll ensures that you’re never out of content to explore.

Your Favorite Content at your Fingertips

Pulse brings its full catalog to the web so that you can subscribe to all your favorite newspapers, magazines and blogs. Simply search for your favorite publisher by name and Pulse will find it for you. All sources are instantly updated and periodically refreshed, making it remarkably easy to stay on top of what’s happening.

Completely Synced with your Phone and Tablet

Pulse works seamlessly with highly acclaimed mobile apps on iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle Fire. Easily synchronize all your content sources and stories with one simple account. Adding a source from your browser automatically adds it to your devices and vice versa; you never have to think about managing your subscriptions again.

Optimized For Touch on Windows Tablets

Thanks to our friends at Microsoft, this web experience is fully optimized for touch. We incorporated multi-touch gestures available in IE10 into Pulse for Web, making it perfect for use within the IE10 browser on Windows 8 tablets. It takes just one swipe to move between articles, a two-finger swipe brings up your reading list, and a simple pinch closes an article to take you back home. To learn more about our partnership with the Internet Explorer team, check out the IE blog and article on the Microsoft News Center.

Available for all Modern Browsers

Pulse is now available on most modern browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari & Firefox. We can’t wait for you to explore the rich, fluid experience in your browser. Go to and sign up to start using Pulse for Web today. As always, please send us your feedback so we can make the experience even better.

This makes me so happy. Best thing to see pinned to the top of my dashboard ever.

(Source: pulsepad)